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Tunisian Delights Pack of 3 - Elevate Your Meals with Authentic Flavors

Immerse yourself in the rich flavors of Tunisia with our curated selection of spreads and dishes. Each product is crafted to bring a touch of Tunisian sunshine to your table.

  1. Carrot Puree: A spicy addition to any meal, this spread is made from fresh carrots that are peeled, diced, and blended into a rich and creamy texture, seasoned with spices. It's perfect as a spread on toasted bread or as an appetizer with tuna, hard-boiled eggs, sandwich bread, olives, and salads. Size: 200g.

  2. Berber Harissa: Experience the original Mediterranean recipe that delivers the true taste of Tunisian sun in every bite. This spicy paste can elevate any dish with its robust flavors. Size: 200g.

  3. Tunisian Chakchouka Ratatouille: An authentic and traditional salad that brings the delicious vegetables and Tunisian seasonings to your table. Made with vine-ripened tomatoes, ample onions, bell peppers with a hint of cumin, coriander, and salt. Warm it up to accompany most dishes, enjoy as an appetizer, or add eggs to it for a hearty meal. Size: 350g.

This pack is designed for those who appreciate genuine, bold flavors and wish to bring a taste of Tunisia into their home cooking.

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Découvrez la manière ultime d'enrichir votre expérience des smoothies avec notre Pack de 3 Bsissa. Chaque pack comprend trois mélanges à smoothie uniques, prêts à être mixés, alliant santé, goût, et praticité dans un seul emballage.

  1. Mélange à Smoothie Bsissa et Noisettes (Sans Gluten) : Création Delicia réinvente le smoothie classique avec ce mélange. Sucré naturellement à la datte et chargé d'un mix nutritif de céréales, de légumineuses torréfiées, d'arômes naturels, et d'épices, c'est une boisson saine débordante de saveurs. Mélangez-le simplement avec du lait (ou lait végétal) pour une boisson délicieuse.

  2. Mélange à Smoothie Bsissa et Betterave: Une autre innovation de Création Delicia, ce mélange combine les bienfaits nutritionnels de la Bsissa avec de la betterave et des protéines de chanvre, sucré naturellement à la datte. C’est une boisson vibrante et riche en nutriments, facile à préparer. Mixez-le avec du lait ou votre lait végétal préféré pour un smoothie parfait.

  3. Bsissa Originale en Farine: Ce mélange déjeuner prêt à consommer offre des options de préparation polyvalentes. Que vous le préfériez en crème de petit déjeuner, en boisson, ou sous forme de boules d'énergie sans cuisson, il offre un début de journée nutritif.

Taille du paquet : Chaque produit dans le Pack de 3 Bsissa est conçu pour ceux qui recherchent une option saine, savoureuse et pratique pour leurs besoins diététiques.

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Elevate Your Culinary Creations Dive into the natural sweetness with our exclusive Dates Sugar Pack of 3, featuring :  Date Syrup, Deglet Nour Date Sugar, and Chocodatte.

Date Syrup: A versatile sweetener used in a myriad of culinary delights. From baking biscuits and bars to enhancing yogurts and confections, this syrup offers a rich, caramel-like flavor. It's the perfect sugar substitute, enriching your recipes without the processed sugars.

Deglet Nour Date Sugar: This wholesome alternative to conventional sugar is made from 100% pitted, dried, and finely ground dates. Unprocessed and unrefined, it's ideal for baking, smoothies, and more, offering a nutritious boost with a perfect one-to-one substitution ratio for white or brown sugar.

Chocodatte: This is the first hot chocolate sweetened with date sugar. The Deglet Nour Date Sugar lends a caramelized note to this creamy blend, offering a comforting chocolate experience with a unique mix of cocoa and dates. Suggested serving for Chocodatte: Warm 150 ml of milk or plant-based milk on low heat, add 1 1/2 tablespoon of Chocodatte mix, 2 g of cinnamon, and 2 cloves. Whisk well and sprinkle with Deglet Nour Date Sugar if desired.

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Une sélection exceptionnelle de nos meilleurs produits en Pistaches :

5 Pièces Malfouf pistache 

6 Pièces Carré Nougat Pistache

6 Pièces Rondelle Bjawia Pistache 

6 Pièces Bjawia Pistache

3 Pièces Mosaïque Pistache 

10 Pièces Mlabes Pistache 

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Discover the refined universe of Masmoudi Gourmet's Almond Mlabes, a true ode to traditional Tunisian pastry. Savor every bite of this exquisite delight, cherished for its rich and creamy texture and delicate, subtle flavors.

The artisanal production of Almond Mlabes requires expertise and meticulous attention to detail. The ingredients are carefully selected, ensuring freshness and superior quality. For over 50 years, Masmoudi Gourmet has excelled in crafting the finest Mlabes, perpetuating tradition with passion and dedication.

Enjoy the perfect blend of fresh almonds, semolina, and a hint of rose water in every piece of Mlabes. This pastry, also known as Mlebbès, is a Tunisian and Algerian specialty enjoyed during coffee breaks or paired with mint tea.

Order your Almond Mlabes now from Masmoudi Gourmet and enjoy fast and secure home delivery. Let yourself be enchanted by the authenticity and unique craftsmanship of Masmoudi Gourmet, where each creation is an invitation to an unforgettable gustatory journey.

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Samsa Fondante 24pc Gift Box

Discover the ultimate indulgence with our carefully curated Samsa Fondante 24pc Gift Box, a treasure trove of the finest Middle Eastern delights designed to enchant your senses and elevate any occasion. This exquisite collection is an ode to sophistication and taste, featuring:

  • 6 pcs Samsa Noisette: Embark on a journey of flavor with our Samsa Noisette. Each piece harmoniously blends the rich, nutty essence of hazelnuts with delicate, flaky pastry, creating a symphony of taste and texture that's utterly irresistible.

  • 6 pcs Samsa Fondante Noisette: Elevate your sensory experience with the decadent Samsa Fondante Noisette. These pastries take the classic noisette to new heights, offering a melt-in-your-mouth texture that perfectly complements the robust hazelnut flavor.

  • 6 pcs Samsa Fondante Zgougou: Delight in the unique and exotic Samsa Fondante Zgougou. Crafted with the cherished Tunisian pine seeds, each piece is a testament to the rich culinary heritage, offering a taste that's both sophisticated and profoundly satisfying.

  • 6 pcs Samsa Pistache: Complete your gourmet journey with our Samsa Pistache. These pastries are a celebration of the beloved pistachio, encased in crisp, golden pastry that crumbles beautifully with each bite, revealing the vibrant, nutty flavors within.

Presented in a luxurious box, our Samsa Fondante 24pc Gift Box is the epitome of gourmet elegance, making it the perfect gift for loved ones, a special treat for celebrations, or a delightful indulgence to savor yourself. Each piece is crafted with care and passion, ensuring a memorable experience that's as rich in flavor as it is in culture.

Treat yourself and your loved ones to the exquisite craftsmanship and unparalleled taste of our Samsa Fondante 24pc Gift Box – where every bite tells a story of tradition, artistry, and indulgence.

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Masmoudi Gourmet's Signature Zlabia Collection

Indulge in a symphony of sweetness and tradition with Masmoudi Gourmet's exclusive Zlabia collection. Crafted with the utmost care and expertise, our Zlabia is a testament to the rich culinary heritage that has been cherished across generations. Each kilogram of our exquisite assortment includes four pieces of our vibrant red Zlabia and four pieces of our golden yellow Zlabia, making it an ideal selection for those seeking a taste of Middle Eastern and North African delight.

Red Zlabia: Dive into the intense flavors of our Red Zlabia, a masterpiece soaked in a delicate syrup that promises a burst of sweetness in every bite. Its striking color is a feast for the eyes, making it not just a treat but a work of art.

Yellow Zlabia: Experience the joy of our Yellow Zlabia, a lighter yet equally mesmerizing option. Infused with a gentle sweetness and a hint of citrus, it offers a refreshing contrast to its red counterpart, ensuring a balanced and diverse flavor profile.

At Masmoudi Gourmet, we pride ourselves on using only the finest ingredients to create our Zlabia. Our dedication to quality and authenticity ensures that every piece is a perfect blend of crispy exterior and soft, succulent interior, soaked in just the right amount of syrup to enhance but not overwhelm the delicate dough.

Perfect for celebrations, as a luxurious gift, or simply as a treat to brighten your day, Masmoudi Gourmet's Zlabia is an unforgettable journey through taste and tradition. Each package, containing a total of 8 meticulously crafted pieces per kilogram, invites you to savor the essence of celebration and craftsmanship.

Enjoy the Exquisite Taste of Tradition with Masmoudi Gourmet – where every bite tells a story of excellence and passion.


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Discover our Sugar-Free Homsia, a deliciously light and flavorful pastry designed for those who enjoy treats without added sugar. Our Homsias are made from chickpeas, wheat flour, polydextrose, butter, corn oil, and sucralose for a delicious and balanced alternative. Order now and enjoy fast and secure home delivery. Masmoudi Gourmet, with over 50 years of expertise in the art of Tunisian pastry, offers you an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

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Indulge in the epitome of gourmet snacking with our Deluxe Snack Box. This metallic treasure chest is brimming with a trifecta of premium treats.

The first section boasts the perfect blend of freshness and saltiness with our selection of Roasted and salted cashews and almonds. In the second section, experience the crunch and flavor explosion of salted and covered chickpeas. Lastly, the crown jewel – chocolate truffles stuffed with dried fruits and nuts – promises a symphony of decadent sweetness.

Perfect for any occasion, this Prime Gourmet gift box is not just a snack – it's an experience. Share joy on birthdays, express sympathy with a heartfelt gesture, make Valentine's Day memorable, or extend a sincere Thank You gifting.


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Discover our Sugar-Free Biscuits 700g, a delicious and healthy option to satisfy your sweet cravings. These biscuits are carefully crafted from quality ingredients such as wheat flour, eggs, margarine, and a touch of vanillin for exquisite aroma. They are sweetened with lactitol, polydextrose, and sucralose, offering a sweet flavor without the drawbacks of traditional sugar. Perfect to accompany your coffee or tea, these biscuits allow you to enjoy the pleasure without compromising your well-being. Order now and enjoy fast and secure home delivery with Masmoudi Gourmet.

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Pistachio Jasmin is a culinary masterpiece that elevates the art of pastry. Delight in the intricate layers of pistachio, almond, and the enchanting essence of roses, all meticulously crafted into a mesmerizing flower shape. This isn't just a pastry; it's simply a work of artistry.
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Indulge in the delightful taste of Pistachio Bjawia, a pastry crafted with the richness of pistachio and Pignon, delicately perfumed with natural rose water. These sweet treats come in the form of a triangle and are crowned with three halves of pistachio, each carefully cut horizontally for a visually appealing and tasty experience.

The key ingredients in Pistachio Bjawia are of the highest quality. The pistachios used impart a rich and nutty flavor that blends seamlessly with the sweetness of almonds. The addition of natural rose water adds a fragrant touch, making every bite a delightful sensation.

Each piece of Pistachio Bjawia weighs approximately 13 grams, with an average of about 75 pieces per kilogram. These pastries are similar to the previously mentioned Bjawia, known for their exceptional taste and quality.

The organoleptic characteristics of Pistachio Bjawia are a feast for the senses. Their vibrant green color is visually striking, while the aroma of pistachios and almonds invites you to savor every moment. The flavor profile is dominated by the rich taste of pistachios, making each bite a truly indulgent experience. The texture is tender, and the unique triangular shape adds an element of elegance to these delectable pastries.

If you enjoyed Bjawia, you're sure to love Pistachio Bjawia as well. These pastries are a testament to the culinary traditions of Tunisia, where quality and taste are held in high regard. Order now and treat yourself to the exquisite flavors of Pistachio Bjawia."


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Experience the irresistible taste of Pistachio Baklava, a delectable pastry infused with the rich and nutty flavor of pistachios, delicately scented with rose aroma, and enveloped in layers of delicate phyllo dough sheets. Each piece is a culinary masterpiece, soaked in sucrose syrup to create a sweet and satisfying treat, cut into small lozenges for your enjoyment.

The primary ingredient in this exquisite dessert is premium pistachios, known for their distinctive and delightful flavor. These pistachios provide a nutty taste that's both comforting and indulgent. To enhance the sensory experience, natural rose water is used to infuse a subtle and enchanting aroma.

Each piece of Pistachio Baklava weighs approximately 18 grams, and you'll find about 55 pieces in every kilogram, making it perfect for sharing or savoring on your own.

The organoleptic characteristics of Pistachio Baklava are a true delight for the senses. The golden hue of each piece is visually inviting, while the aroma of pistachios fills the air, whetting your appetite. The flavor is unmistakably pistachio, offering a harmonious blend of nuttiness and sweetness. The texture is a delightful combination of mellowness and crispiness, creating a satisfying contrast. The traditional lozenge shape adds to the overall appeal of this delectable dessert.

Indulge in the flavors of Pistachio Baklava, a culinary gem that captures the essence of sweet indulgence.

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Experience indulgence like never before with our Sorra Pistachios. The heart of each nest is a harmonious blend of pistachios, sugar, and butter, creating a filling that's both rich and nutty. The fragrance of pistachio wafts through the air as you take in the visual symphony of beige and green, reminiscent of nature's beauty.
Order online on Masmoudi Gourmet !

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25 Pcs of Handmade Truffles made from authentic ingredients, unifying one of the most famous North African sweets selections.

"Des gâteries qui capturent l'essence de la cuisine maghrébine . "

Le Coffret Maghrébin est un assortiment de pâtisseries artisanales, élaborées avec soin et passion pour vous offrir une expérience gustative unique et authentique.

Le coffret contient 4 pièces de Makroudh Kairouen, une spécialité tunisienne à base de semoule, farcie de pâte de dattes et parfumée à l'eau de fleur d'oranger.

Vous y trouverez également 5 pièces de Ghrayba Homs, 4 pièces de Corne de Gazelle, en forme de croissant fourrée de dattes et parfumée à l'eau de rose.

Vous y découvrirez aussi 4 pièces de Baklawa avec une garniture riche en noisettes.

Enfin, le coffret comprend 5 pièces de Kalb ellouze, à base de pâte d'amande et de semoule, parfumée à l'eau de fleur d'oranger .

Finalement,Vous y trouverez également 3 cigares aux dattes, une délicieuse pâtisserie enroulée de feuilles de brick croustillantes, fourrées d'une pâte de dattes parfumée à la cannelle.

Toutes ces pâtisseries ont été soigneusement sélectionnées pour vous offrir une expérience riche en saveurs et en textures, et vous permettre de découvrir les délices de la cuisine traditionnelle maghrébine.


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24 Pcs of Handmade Sweets selection 

a mix of middle eastern and North African know-how, each truffle is different from the other, but one thing in common is that they are ALL stuffed with hight end pistachios and almonds !

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Discover the richness of "Samsa Fekia", a gem of Tunisian pastry offered by Masmoudi Gourmet. This delicacy is meticulously prepared with selected ingredients such as almonds, hazelnuts, and honey, promising an exceptional taste experience. Each bite celebrates Tunisia's culinary traditions, inviting you on an unforgettable sensory journey.

Perfect for your moments of pleasure or to mark special occasions, "Samsa Fekia" is delivered directly to your door, ensuring a memorable tasting experience. Place your order now on Masmoudi Gourmet and be seduced by the excellence of our pastries, where authenticity and refinement come together to delight your taste buds.

The Samsa is recognizable by its iconic triangular shape and its generously filled heart of dried fruits, offering a crispy texture on the outside and a soft inside. Masmoudi Gourmet offers you this authentic delicacy, a true tribute to the rich and nuanced flavors of North African pastry.