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Boite Decouverte - 50 Pcs 985g

Une symphonie de couleurs et de goûts.

Préparez-vous pour une farandole de saveurs !

Composé de : 

  1. Baklawa Amande
  2. Bjawia
  3. Kaak Madhfour
  4. Mlabes Amande
  5. Samsa 
  6. Ghrayba pistache
  7. Boulettes bey Amande 
  8. Kaak youyou 
  9. Breyouettes Amande
  10. Corne de gazelle 
  11. Basboussa
  12. Makroudh Asmar 
  13. Noix de pistache Amande

The pleasure of discovering authentic flavors with a set of 52 pieces of oriental pastries. Try out our special offers
Découvrez des saveurs authentiques dans un assortiment de 60 pâtisseries orientales et profitez de notre offre spéciale.
  • Number of pieces : 52
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Coffret Luxia Dahlia 430G - 3 Pcs

Préparez-vous pour une farandole de saveurs !

Pour faire plaisir à tous les gourmands, Masmoudi a crée pour vous cette boite d'assortiment  de 31 patisseries.
  • Nombre de pièces : 31
  • Poids net : 430g 

Le coffret Luxia Dahlia contient 31 pâtisseries composé de 4 bryouette amande, 4 Baklawa fekia, 3 Mlabes amande, 3 rondelle Bjawia, 4 carré nougat pistache, 3 Kâak warka, 5 Bjawia bourgeoise et 4 Baklawa bey fekia.

  • 31 pièces/ environ 430gr

  • Baklawa fekia, Mlabes amande, Rondelle bjawia... Cet assortiment est fait pour donner le sourire aux gourmands de saveurs douces et généreuses.
A magnificent assortment of fine sweets, a variety of flavors for the delight of all gourmands.
  • Pieces number : 31
  • net weight : 430g
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Coffret Luxia Épanoui 815G - 54 Pcs


Symbole de spiritualité, la couleur bordeaux exprime les ressentis de l'âme, une idée de cadeau idéale pour agrémenter un moment de partage.

Préparez-vous pour une farandole de saveurs !


Le coffret Luxia épanouie contient 54 pâtisseries composé de 5 Baklawa Fekia, 3 Kâak Louze, 5 Malfouf pistache, 5 Fleur d’amande, 5 Samsa, 4 Mlabes amande, 4 Rondelle bjewia, 5 Mlabes cœur pistache, 4 kâak warka, 3 Kâak ambar, 5 Baklawa Bey Fekia et 6 Nougat Royal.
54 pièces/ environ 815gr



Symbol of spirituality, the color board water expresses the feelings of the soul, an idea of Coldwater ideal to decorate a moment of sharing, this box contains 54 pastries
  • Pieces number : 54
  • net weight : 815gr
  • gross weight : 1485gr
  • width : 322 mm
  • length : 203 mm
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27 Pieces of Natural Hand Made Gluten Free Truffles Assortment 

✔️ HIGH-END PRODUCT: Whether for Pastries or Gift boxes, we shall offer you all the richness of such cultural heritage! Tasting Masmoudi’s delicacies make you embark on a journey of Flavours as if flipping through the pages of a book, on a journey to encounter such a rich and precious Mediterranean experience.


✔️ MULTIPLE VARIETIES: Multiple varieties of sweets in the box, there’s something in here for everyone to enjoy. Ranging from flaky and crunchy to soft and chewy, this is a perfect selection for the whole family. The set holds 54 pieces, making it an ideal choice for a family party or group function, meaning everyone can enjoy a taste unknown. The set is also perfect as a gift, whether to a corporate colleague or to a close loved one.



✔️ RICH KNOW-HOW: We are a 50-Year-old Business, Whether for Pastries or Gift boxes we shall offer you all the richness of such cultural heritage of all those years. Through it all, we remain committed to our roots, but break new ground around fine bakery to make you discover new creations, in which traditional flavors of our recipes and the esthetic of plating come together.



✔️ METICULOUS SELECTION OF INGREDIENTS The meticulous selection of raw materials is essential to the superior quality of Masmoudi's creations. All the plantations in the region and even in the Mediterranean basin are constantly explored to ensure the supply of pistachios, almonds, pine nuts... from the best soils. The scrupulous work of these raw materials, by hand, is similar to the work of a goldsmith making jewelry from stones and precious metals. The constant search for refined flavors, the careful work of aesthetics and shapes, combined with these noble materials, create the harmony essential to the birth of these beneficial pleasures.



✔️ ORGANIC & GMO-FREE: These pastries are made with care and love from organic ingredients, free from GMO elements, and without any nasty artificial colors added.

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Une sélection Généreuse de nos meilleurs produits de la Gamme Mignardises :

4 pièces Tartine amande

4 pièces Couronne amande

4 pièces Couronne noisette

4 pièces Tartine pistache

4 pièces Tartine noisette

4 pièces Sésamette caramélia

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400g Gift box
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An assortment containing 6 tasty classics pastries to be offer or to be taste during a gourmet break.

Pieces number: 6
net weight: 100g
gross weight: 395g
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Un assortiment contenant 6 classiques savoureux de la maison à offrir ou à déguster lors d'une parenthèse gourmande.
  • Pieces number : 6
  • net weight : 100g
  • gross weight : 395g
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